Saturday, December 20, 2008

Have you ever felt self-conscious about your chest? Every now and again I am made very much aware of my bust size - and no, I do not flaunt my chest out there for the world to see. I have a 34D cup size, so unless I am wearing a very baggy shirt, you can tell I'm a busty girl. And note - I do not live in the land of big-chested girls (I currently live on the upper east side of Manhattan), so my "girls" stand out around here. And yet I ponder: Should I feel self-conscious about my chest size? Both men and women notice when you do have a large bosom. Men are quick to say "bless you" with a smile on their faces - not because I sneezed - but because that is their way of saying "bless you - for having a nice bosom." Women are sometimes quick to notice if you have a curiously large size as well. I went to a party one night at a bar around the area and the next day, a friend of mine told me that her co-worker (who was present at the party) said to her: "Your friend is really nice!" and then leaned in closer and and whispered: "By the way - she has really huge boobs!" Now, my friend already knew what I looked like, so I wasn't quite sure what the point was for her co-worker's comment. Was it shocking that my breasts were naturally big? Was she trying to get some scoop as to whether they were real or not? I found the comment quite amusing and flattering. (I nevertheless doubt I would get the same reaction in a place where a 34D cup size is average, rather than an extreme.)

One girlfriend of mine was made quite aware of her chest size while running into a store before it was about to close and some women walking by gave her an off-putting look that pretty much read: "She's too breasty and bouncy..." She saw the look and immediately, for a second, became self-conscious about her 34-D chest size. Perhaps those women thought she should have strapped down her boobs with scotch tape before attempting to run anywhere?

The take home message for this post is: as much as people may make a big chested girl feel somewhat insecure for having a large chest (as blessed or "strange" as that may be for the viewer), a woman should be very proud for being blessed with her bosom. And yes, people may react to the size, but - who cares? Today, people are paying thousands of dollars and even going to the lengths of soliciting boob-job donations to get a nice bosom. So embrace a large bosom if you were naturally blessed with one - and celebrate your curve.